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twoBEars has the mission to develop und produce plastics based on biopolymers for 3D printing and even the industry.

The material is good for human and environment AND has excellent technical features.

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> softening temp. >130°C

> excellent layer adhesion

> very stable (no breaks with Charpy) AND flexible



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Technical Newsletter bioFila plaTec #1

03.10.2016 23:34 | 0 Comments

This „Technical Newsletter“ explains the impact of the temperature of the hot-end, the speed and the thickness of the layers to the strength values of the 3D print-outs.


  • x – axis is the speed
  • y – axis is the thickness of the layers
  • the curves are the temperatures of the hot-end and
  • the values in the diagram are the strength values, measured with printed standard profiles

The diagram shows the impact of the different parameters


·         The increase of the speed from 30mm/s to 60mm/s effects only a low decrease of the strength values. But the increase to 90mm/s has a significant impact to the strength values.

  • The increase of the thickness of the layers effects also a decrease of the strength value of the printed object.

The best parameters for bioFila plaTec are:

  • speed 30mm/s
  • thickness of the layer 0,1mm and
  • hot-end temperature of 195°C / 383°F

So, this diagram helps you to find the best parameters for your print-outs with bioFila plaTec.



More details about the use of bioFila plaTec you’ll find in our next “Technical Newsletter”.

Source: TU Braunschweig, Seminararbeit - Paul Worms


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