bioFila plaTec temperatue field

Here we explain the impact of the temperature of the hot-end, the speed and the thickness of the layers to the strength values of the 3D print-outs.


  • x – axis is the speed
  • y – axis is the thickness of the layers
  • the curves are the temperatures of the hot-end and
  • the values in the diagram are the strength values, measured with printed standard profiles

The diagram shows the impact of the different parameters


·         The increase of the speed from 30mm/s to 60mm/s effects only a low decrease of the strength values. But the increase to 90mm/s has a significant impact to the strength values.

  • The increase of the thickness of the layers effects also a decrease of the strength value of the printed object.

The best parameters for bioFila plaTec are:

  • speed 30mm/s
  • thickness of the layer 0,1mm and
  • hot-end temperature of 195°C / 383°F

So, this diagram helps you to find the best parameters for your print-outs with bioFila plaTec.

Source: TU Braunschweig, Seminararbeit - Paul Worms